The Plain Clothes Superheroes Mission

Hello internets! Here you will find information about us. An introduction, if you will. This interview was conducted by my mom.

Who are the Plain Clothes Superheroes?

The Plain Clothes Superheroes are us, Chuck and Joey, friends and writing partners. Neither of us have superpowers and not for a lack of trying. I wish I could have eye lasers and Joey wishes he could hate people to death. If we could do those things, why would we need a blog?

Do you have cool costumes?


Why Not?

Joey thinks they’re stupid and I look bad in spandex.

Are you aware that you might be the most underwhelming heroes ever?

We are but, that seems hurtful mother.


That’s not really a question. Ask us what our mission is.

Fine. What is your mission?

Our mission is to examine the forces of society in as many facets as we can cover on what may described as a sluggish and irresponsible basis. We will comment on television, movies, news, video games, and everything else that makes up the human experience as it is now.

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