Damn Kids and Their Music By Joey

I do my best to stay young, both physically and mentally. I work out, attempt to eat right, and avoid stress like a fat kid avoids gym class.  I love cartoons and video games both old and news.  I try to keep an open mind because there is a lot of good stuff out there.  There is also a lot of crap, but good stuff none the less.  That is why there is one subject that bothers me deeply.  One subject that turns me into a cranky old man who stands on his porch and shouts at children to stay off his poorly maintained lawn. A subject where I am becoming more narrow-minded and set in my old ways as time goes on. That subject is music.

Music is a huge part of my life.  Wheatear I am working or just relaxing, I enjoy having music in the background.  I consider myself a musician in the vague sense that I own a guitar, play and write music.  Admittedly I am largely mediocre, I am still out there trying damn it and my one year old nephew gets a kick out of my playing (however he bobs his head to any music, so he is not the best judge).  It always deeply disturbs me when ever I ask someone about their musical preference and they tell me they don’t listen to music.  These people are not to be trusted.  I don’t want to live in your bland boring world.  Likewise if someone tells you they like everything, they are also full of shit.  Are you not passionate enough to pack a favorite genre?  I too think every genre has its own merit, but when someone asks me what I listen to I throw up my horns and scream metal.

After reviewing my music library I came to the conclusion that the majority of the songs I listen to are songs that I liked when I was in my teens and early 20’s.  Each year after 2005 sees a diminishing number of entries.  That is not to say that there are no new songs in my library, but the numbers are drying up, and the new songs don’t resonate with me as much as the old stuff does. I am not trying to say that music was better in my day, that argument is stupid.  Music can be compared to a living organism; it grows and changes over time.  This is one of the advantages to music.  Music is different now, but different doesn’t mean worse.   Music is subjective, saying certain songs are better than other is pure opinion.  You can not empirically say that The Beatles are better than Justin Bieber, although I suspect that many of the readers out there hold that opinion.  Hell I do too.  I just wanted an extreme example, but it is still just an opinion.  Science can not prove which music is better, and if it could would you really want getting that icky science in your music.  I only want to be blinded by science.

I have reached the age where I do not enjoy listening to new music.  I knew that day would come, but I did not expect to still be in my twenties.  Remember this is my opinion, if you love today’s music, great, you should listen to what you like and what makes you happy.  My brain is locked up and refuses to let new songs in, no matter how hard I try.  It’s not just new artist that my tastes are black listing, I do not want to hear new songs by bands I love.  As previously mentioned, I love metal.  One of my favorite metal bands is Shadows Fall.  In my opinion their third album the War Within is one of the best metal albums of all time.  Once I went on a seven hour road trip, and left that disc in my cd player the entire time.  I would just let the album loop over and listen to it again.  Not once did I get sick of this album, in fact, I loved it more with each listen.  Fast forward to their new album.  I bought it, and wanted to like it.  The music is great, the playing is great, and I can not say a single negative thing about the album.  I do not listen to this album much.  It does not hold the same place in my heart as the War Within.  The music is just not a memorable to me as it once was, and this isn’t just a problem with Shadows Fall, it seems all of the bands I listen to just don’t sound as good as they use to.  They are still great bands that write great songs, I just don’t care anymore.  It has gotten to the point where I stopped buying new albums of bands I like because I know I am only going to listen to it a few times and then go back to the classic album.

Maybe I am just in a musical rut.  Perhaps one day I will have a musical renaissance and accept new music, or maybe I will close off my mind more and start hating other things like new TV shows, video games, and children.  Only time will tell.  All I can say for certain is that I do not want to hear your crappy garage band, peddle your wears else where.


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