New Podcast Minisode

Hello there PCSH fans! Today is a special day as there will be not one, but two minisodes today for you and your friends or whoever you share stuff like this with.

Minisode 1 of episode 2 is titled Chuck is a douche bag. He probably is and, if you want proof, download the podcast.

Bonus minisode 2 of episode 2 is a video game roundup brought to you by Joey. Joey is an avid gamer and spends more time glued to his set than a creepy guy spends in a panel van. Download it to find out what Joey is playing and to get an earnest and unsolicited review of stuff, mostly gaming related.

On a less audio, more video note, we, the PCSH staff are gearing up for another taping of our show, Diminished Expectations. We are hoping to have this one up way sooner than the last.

Until next time citizens, stay clothed, and stay super.


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