Disc Golf Adventure part 1

Happy Black Friday Plain Clothes Citizens,

It’s your Plain Clothes Pal, Chuck. It’s no secret to friends of mine that I am a disc golfer but, my average follower may not know this. This is why I am planning to post different bits from today’s disc golf adventure.

My adventure starts at Bearskin Creek in Monroe, NC. Bearskin would be a really nice course if it were better maintained. There are some missing baskets, a few inadequate tees and, to boot, there are a few baskets that have been trashed by local gangs. Still though, its better than nothing. Stay tuned for scores and other disc golf related hijinks as the day continues.

2 responses to “Disc Golf Adventure part 1

  1. Okay, if you’re going to start this, I’m going to quit following this blog. Can’t you take a page from your favorite website, The Chive, and post pictures of hot women instead?

    -Doc the Supervillain

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