Disc Golf Adventure part II

Dickerson was good for nine today. I finished second with 3 under par. Not my best, certainly not my worst. All in all, I had fun playing. I actually found 2 discs while playing, neither with names and numbers.

One of the best tips for recovering a list disc is to write your name and phone number in them. Many people are kind souls and will return them. The two discs I found are discs I won’t be keeping as one of them is an Innova Cheeta and the other is a Discraft Comet. Neither of them are bad discs, I just already have comparable discs in my bag. They will probably go to Play It Again Sports in Charlotte for trade. Many discs end up there and the store is good about cleaning them and then reselling them for decent prices.

The bag I throw is an ecclectic one at best, just as I am sure the average disc golf bag is bound to be. I have 19 currently and probably need to thin out my collection quite a bit.

I currently have a Discwing K2, Discraft Nuke, Avenger, Xl, Boss, Roc, Shark, Sl, Wraith, Roadrunner, Valkyrie, Polaris, Stalker, the two I found, a 2011 Ace Race putter, and a Discwing Crosshair. Odds are I forgot one but, I am sure it doesn’t matter.

Onward to Play it Again and then to Elon park to play both of their beautiful courses, the Eager beaver and the Angry Beaver.


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