Super Cool Super Mario Flash Game x2

Super Mario Bros. 3

Image via Wikipedia

Stop what you are doing right now!

Actually, keep reading.

I just found another super cool online game to kill time when you’re supposed to be at work… like me.And, it’s Super Mario.

Pouetpu-Games is a site with two things: Super Mario and Super Mario World but, they are user customized versions of the two games. Further more, this site and the game’s flash component let you also edit and customize your own level as well as play other people’s level. Think Crush the Castle Player’s Pack but with Mario and Yoshi.

It looks and feels like Mario 3 for the NES!

Looks great, runs smooth, and most of all, its Mario!!

Check it out here. Like I said before, these are two pretty decent Mario games that are for free on the web. One is a customizable version of Mario 3 for the NES, the other emulates a modded version of the SNES classic, Super Mario World.


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