Think Geek Wishlist

Often I browse websites like Think Geek and lust after all of the cool shit they have on their site. Most of it is useless stuff that I cannot live without like sonic screwdrivers and air cannons. As of late though, it seems that Think Geek has upped its usual game and has a bunch of new stuff that I just can’t live without. I mean, if I don’t get some of this, I will just die or, move on with my life and realize material wants are not that important. Yep, definitely the first one.

What I want to do now is feature a few of those said items that I have ogled at over the last few days. By the way, this is not product placement. I mean, as much as I tell people about how awesome they are, I should get a kickback. If everything I promoted decided to suddenly pay me, I would be rich. Actually, if internet porn alone started paying me, I would be rich.

Star Trek Door Chime Thingy

For all of us who want to live on a starship but can't afford the rent.

Custom Sonic Screwdriver Kit

Currently sold out in all US stores. Check for more.

Awesome Cool Portal Stuff

Now only if they made that flashlight shoot out portals too...

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