Pokemon Criticism

I am a big fan of Pokemon as a series and, throughout the years have heard criticisms as well as praise for the old series of games, the gen 1 we’ll call it. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love the original as much as anyone out there does. For their overall contribution to gaming, especially to mobile gaming ie the Game Boy platform, I am grateful. For what they did for me and my adolescence, I am grateful. More than likely, I am a nerd in part because of Pokemon. I love them and still play them as an adult. The series has really grown and, pardon the un, evolved since the beginning of the franchise. However flawed, I still love Pokemon.   With that being said, there were some issues with the first installment of the games, most of which are noted in the graphic below. The below graphic was sent to us by a fan a few days ago.


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