J Jonah Jameson is a dick


With all of the new buzz about the new Spiderman movie, I thought it might be kinda cool to bring up something I saw about the last film and, it was something about the film I didn’t like.

They kinda made Spiderman into sort of a girl. This is nothing new to fans of the comics or the movies but, it is something worth giving thought to as, we will soon be seeing a reboot of the franchise. My hope is that this reboot will focus more on why we all love Spiderman and less on why he loves Mary-Jane and why he can’t seem to stop moaning long enough to be awesome, like Spiderman is supposed to be.

Granted, there is a lot of emotion connected to Spiderman but, there is so much more that became secondary to the story of the first three films. I get it, Uncle Ben died. That was supposed to be a catalyst to why he did what he did but, in the end, it seemed to be a plot point that never quite left the foreground of the film.

I also understand that part of Spiderman is the very human Peter Parker. I get it. He became a hero for very human reasons and is that hero day after dat because of that struggle among many others. It’s just that, well, after a while, I felt like I was watching a romantic comedy and not a kick ass super hero flick.

Also, Mary Jane, in the comics, for the most part is a secondary character and is ancillary to the overall plot. If you drop her, the story still continues. This was not the case in the film. Couple that with Kirsten Dunsts’ flat acting, and you have a train wreck on your hands.

Speaking of train wrecks, whose idea was it to throw eighty villians at Spiderman and hope something stuck? Too many villains and not enough plot development made the third film feel rushed and uninspired.

It is my hope that the new film will be better than the last attempt to tell such a rich and amazing story. I really like that it has Gwen Stacy over MJ as, she is the better love interest. If you don’t believe me, go read Spiderman Blue by Jeff Loeb.

3 responses to “J Jonah Jameson is a dick

  1. I am not going to get my hopes up on this one. I like the points you made but from what I can see the new Spiderman looks like it is going to cater to the overly “emo” youth of today. Now keep in mind I am 28 and have neve been called or concidered “emo” so maybe I will never get it but if they do one thing they should at minumum keep Spidermans sense of humor in tact. I do not want to watch about two hours of a mopey teen teen in thghts possibley listening to “Fallout Boy” on his red and blue iPod. I will certainly go see it but I think there is a chance this reboot is not going to go well for older audiences.

    • I agree completely. That is one thing I have noticed about the Marvel movies…they are not always for the audience that consumes their products. I just hope this new spiderman slings more webs than tears this go around.

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