It Can Only Get Better From Here Videocast

Today brings us a new Podcast of Justice videocast and a glimpse at Chuck’s Jane hat from Firefly. Kudos and much thanks goes to Cher Lambeth who made the hat for him. This one is probably one of the weirdest to date in that we all seem really sleepy in this one. We talk about the usual stuff and bicker over the show introduction. It is very… existential though. We also talk about Doc’s cool drum set that he hides behind his desk. We also get a letter from Doc’s lawyer about him accidentally appearing on camera. Long story short, if it happens again, we have to either buy him dinner or, Joey gets kicked in the nuts. I have a feeling, we will opt for the second one. Dinner ain’t cheap.

Oh, and we apparently talk about Doctor Who and Deep Space Nine but, you already knew that. Click on the video below to check it out.

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