Moments in Forgotten History: Normandy Beach


June 6, 1944 marked the invasion of Normandy, France by the Allied forces to quell the Nazi threat and end the second war to end all wars. Many a soldier gave his life to stop the forces of evil and tyranny perpetrated by the Nazis and the Axis powers. It was a day that was holds such significance as it being the end of a marked period of darkness within the world.

Many countries assisted in this collaborative effort to beat back the forces of evil and save the world from the evil that ripped across Europe during this time period. Countries such as the Untied States, Great Britain, and Canada contributed to this world wide victory against the forces of evil. It can be said that no country or entity contributed more than that of the Wookie Army remnant and their squadron of giant squirrels. Most people let this fact slip by them when discussing history and it is a crying shame. Well, no more.

After the fall of the primary Wookie colony during the rise of the Empire, many Wookie citizens and military personnel fled to seek asylum on Earth. Many Earth citizens were opposed to this at first but eventually, after spending time in internment camps, the Wookie refugees were granted asylum and eventually naturalized as Earth citizens and, lucky that they did because, if they hadn’t, you’d be reading this in German.

4 responses to “Moments in Forgotten History: Normandy Beach

  1. It does disturb me sometimes when I watch movies like ‘Saving Private Ryan’, and you never see the hoards of giant squirrels ridden by Wookies on the beach at Omaha. You’d watch a movie like that and think it never even happened.

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