Doctor Who and Star Trek


Well, well, well, as it turns out, they are making a Doctor Who crossover comic. In this epic feat of magic and majesty, Matt Smith, in effigy, will be teaming up with the crew from Star Trek: The Next Generation. I know, I am very excited too.

Very little has been released in terms of story but, STAR TREK AND DOCTOR WHO ARE TEAMING UP!!!!!

Proposed cover for the miniseries

Now that I have fulfilled my fanboy obligation, I do want to note that I am a bit worried about this concept. The crossover will be confined to a comic book miniseries and will feature a teaming up of the Borg and the Cybermen which, makes a lot of sense actually. My only concern is that Jean-Luc Picard will not do well with the hijinks of the Doctor. I say this not out of dislike for either but for difficulty imagining the two of them doing anything together. Matt Smith, who ranks amongst my favorite actors to play the iconic Time Lord, is so silly that Picard might eject him out of an airlock. I mean, we know how Picard dealt with Q.

I also know that Patrick Stewart has worked with former Doctor David Tennant in Hamlet but, this is after all a comic book. If it were the 10th doctor, I would have an easier time swallowing it. If this were going to be a crossover in either show on tv, I would probably almost feel uncomfortable. Matt Smith is a great actor, I just feel like he is so vastly different from the atmosphere than that of Star Trek. The Doctor is very “by the seat of his pants” and, despite being a world class badass, Picard is very by the book. Doctor Who is governed by the code of the Time Lords, Picard by the Federation. I just don’t think they will mesh together as well as it seems initially.

I also have a problem with the Borg and the Cybermen teaming up. It doesn’t seem as plausible as it seems initially either. They are very similar and I can see why this might be a good idea, I just don’t buy it… at all. The Borg are superior to the Cybermen in a multitude of ways.

Their catchphrase is so much better than "Delete"

First off, the Borg can stab at you and you are assimilated. The Cybermen have to drag you back to their lair and then process you. The Borg have a hive mind that is perfected. The Cybermen don’t seem to and, if they do, it is not as finely tuned. Lastly, the Borg move around easier than the Cybermen do. The Cybermen clank around and march where as the Borg, albeit rigid, move freely and strike at ease.

What I would have preferred to see in a crossover would be something involving Q. I love me some Q. Q could kidnap the Doctor’s Tardis, disable it, and then lead Picard to it while setting up that there is some kind of test or mystery within that box. If executed correctly, Picard would be the antagonist for the first few issues and then, through an unconventional teamup, Picard and the Doctor could defeat Q together. That’s my take on it anyways.

I won’t know if this will be a trainwreck until I see it. I hope that it isn’t but, experience tells me that it might be.


6 responses to “Doctor Who and Star Trek

  1. You just said defeat Q. Seriously? Defeat Q? You sound like one of those people who calls it “Star Trak.” You are going to force me to write a scathing review of your review, aren’t you?

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