Probably not the worst idea in the world


I will be perfectly honest, if these didn’t roll, they would be perfect. Think about it, they are sturdy, somewhat insulated, and innocuous if you do a good job of covering up the doors. The only disadvantage I can see would be not being able to get a fix of the tube’s periphery. Small price to pay to be in the lap of luxury during the zombie apocalypse

Fun idea. Joe and I are constantly talking about zombies and specifically talk about survival stuff. Post your fun zombie stuff in the comments section below or drop us an email.


4 responses to “Probably not the worst idea in the world

  1. Too funny! I think I have preparation for the coming zombie apocalypses in the back of my mid at all times. I think that if these tubes were planted in the side of a hill the would be a great anti-zombie bunker. Plus the dirt covering it would not only help hide it but it would also add insulation. One modification I would add would be a underground tunnel with an escape hatch that locks from underneath as an emergency escape hatch. That is a must since zombies tend to loiter when they know food is inside.

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