Crouching Tiger, Hidden Awesome: Twilight Edition

Well, it is probably no secret that we, the PCSH super nerds are not Twilight fans. Not in the least. They are poorly written and overly romanticized. The books are not as bad as the films(can’t believe I would ever say that) because at least the books don’t have the wooden acting of Kristen Stewart and the phony bad boy persona of Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen. What makes these worse is the sophmoric and niave approach they take on the subjects of evil, love, lust, and the taboo. I am thankful for the books as they at the least got kids reading again.

What I find fault with on a massive scale is what this did to the vampire genre. First of all, vampires are not emo. More importantly, they are to be feared, not pitied. Gone are the days of the tough, silent vampire who strikes at night, luring his victims in with romantic gestures or, in the case of some, descending upon them in a melee of teeth and death. Now we have conflicted vampires skulking about, feeling like teenage boys, and glittering during the day. VAMPIRES SLEEP IN COFFINS. THEY DO NOT SPARKLE.

What I always loved about Vampire novels of yore was the deep sense of romanticism while also feeling the true danger of the attraction. There was fear in the vampire legend going all the way back to the days of Vlad the Impaler. Count Dracula was meant to scare us and also teach us about ourselves as well as what we might become if swallowed into the darkness.

On top of all of this, I hate what Twilight has done to the Gothic genre. It has opened the flood gates for bad, and I mean bad fiction such as True Blood, Vampire Diaries, and Being Human. Now, any bad plot can be sold and produced if you put a set of fangs in it. Without that almost cliched element, most of these movies and shows would have little substance and plot. Now, that might be narrow minded of me to say but, it is how I see it all. That is why, when I saw the below picture, I got really happy.

Finally, a real vampire shows up. I think Blade would be exactly what the film franchise needs to weed out its weak characters and really inject some awesome into a craptacular series of bad books and terrible films.

10 responses to “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Awesome: Twilight Edition

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  2. Bravo, bravo. I enjoy seeing someone with the same opinion of true vampires as I have. I wish I could see a new Blade movie in the making, but unfortunately many would rather see the likes of a glittered “vampire” falling in love with an expressionless girl who is also falling for a jealous werewolf.
    Team Edward? Team Jacob? Nope–Team Rocket FTW.

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