Geek Showdown: Star Trek vs. Star Wars


It is no secret that we here at the PCSH Blog love us some sci-fi awesomeness, especially if its set in space. The spacier, the better. That’s why we are such fans of programs like Firefly, Star Trek, Doctor Who, and Star Wars. Anything with spaceships, cool laser guns, and sweet aliens is for us.

As fans of multiple huge franchises, we often times get stuck having a series of debates like, who is the better android, Data or R2-D2? Or, who would win in a fist fight, Jayne or Worf? Who is scarier, Daleks or The Borg? All of these smaller debates hinge upon a single notion; which franchise is the best?

There are a lot of factors that assuredly go into determining which is better and, all of that is well and good but, I mainly want to know who would win in a fight. Plus, it is so hard to judge these franchises that I would have to do a detailed breakdown of each which, I would expect to see on this site soon.

So, the question is, who would win in a fight? What criteria do you even use to determine this? For the purpose of this blog, I will be assuming that the two universes will be in some way colliding which puts it all out there and, I mean all of it.

Man Power

This is a tough one because of the sheer size of each side. I also want to point out that when I refer to man power, I refer to ground troops and their overall effectiveness. If we assume that it would be the Galactic Empire against the Federation, I would have to give it to the Empire if only because of the seemingly unlimited amount of clones the Emperor has at his disposal. Now, if it were the Rebels against the  Federation, I would have to give it to the Federation. Starfleet is so much more organized than the rebels were.

Another scenario would be the Wookies vs. The Klingons… or really anybody vs. The Klingons. Wookies are tough but, I have to side with the Klingons here. Wookies are evolved in a sense and are capable of doing things like flying a star ship and firing laser weapons but, despite their sheer size and notable temper, I still have to give it to the Klingons. Klingons thrive on battle and are  more or less fearless. I also ascertain that the Klingons are more cunning than the Wookies, especially seeing as they have cloaking devices and have learned to speak English(yes, I know that there is a translation device that each race in Star Trek uses).

On another front, Ewoks would kick the crap out of the Tribbles. That’s all on that one.

The thing that makes this one tricky is that, in my imagination, I wouldn’t altogether mind seeing Starfleet take on the Sith or even the Jedi Council. I know that the council has been disbanded by this time but, so has the Empire thus, for the sake of argument, I will assume that the Jedi could fight the Federation. The Jedi, and the Sith for that matter, have tons of powers and training that make them dangerous in a myriad of ways. Lightsabers seem like they would tip the scales  but, would they? Lightsabers are only as effective as the wielder of the saber and, for that matter, anyone can fire a phaser. The Jedi rely on their religion as a source for power whereas Starfleet relies on Science. It’s a tough call. On one side of it, chain lightening and kick ass swords. On the other, Klingon bat’leths and phaser rifles. I would have to, for the sake of argument call this one a tie.

Patrick Stewart as Locutus, the assimilated Je...What really tips the scales on this one is The Borg. Resistance is futile. It would not matter who you were, the Borg would assimilate you and all of your friends. Storm Troopers would make easy targets and would be overcome in short matter of time. There are tons of troopers but, in a matter of hours, the Borg would potentially assimilate them too. The Borg turn the tide and, would win it for the Star Trek universe.

Winner: Star TrekEnglish: A stylized delta shield, based on the...

Strength of Fleet

Alright, I am hoping to make this one a little bit more cut and dry. As the meme above suggests, the Galactic Empire’s ships are a little outdated due to the fact that they do not have shields for the most part and are incapable of the types of battle Starfleet class vessels are. On top of that, they, unlike Romulan and Klingon ships, cannot cloak themselves. Starfleet ships tend to be bigger than your average Tie Fighter or X-Wing but, despite this, they are typically just as maneuverable and, if they aren’t, they still have sheilds, phasers, photon and quantum torpedoes. On top of that, Star Trek vessels have the potential to teleport ground troops onto ships. That fact alone is enough to almost make up my mind for me. What I decided to do in the end was to take specific ships or specific ship classes and compare them and do individual winners that will tally and will settle the overall score for me.

The Enterprise vs. The Death Star: The Death Star is huge and powerful though, it is flawed in its design. I don’t know if this is enough for just the Enterprise to beat without reinforcements though, the first Death Star doesn’t have shields, the second one does. This means that the Enterprise would maybe stand a chance that is unless the Death Star released a wave of Tie Fighters. Given the Death Star’s proclivity to barf out Tie Fighters, I almost have to give this one to Star Wars. The only thing that keeps me from doing that is the skill and passion of Picard. Where there is a will, there is a way if Picard is at the helm; just ask all of those Borg cubes… oh wait, you can’t. Winner: Draw

Runabouts vs. Tie Fighters: This one is fairly straight forward. Tie Fighters are equipped to fight, Runabouts are equipped to explore. Winner: Tie Fighter

Deep Space Nine vs. The Death Star: I would have to go with Death Star here. I love DS9 but, it just sucks as a battle station. As a space station it is functional but, it is not well armed to defend itself. With supplemental support, DS9 has defended itself before but, one on one, I feel like DS9 would go the way of Alderaan. Winner: Death Star

Millennium Falcon vs. The Enterprise: If the Falcon had shields, I would pick it. As it does not, Picard, or Kirk for that matter, would destroy it fairly quickly. Winner: The Enterprise

Millennium Falcon vs. The USS Defiant: The USS Defiant was a ship used in DS9 to fight the Dominion however; it was built originally as a powerhouse ship to fight and then destroy the Borg threat. Equipped with torpedoes of both varieties as well as heavy phaser banks, advanced shields, and a cloaking device. Han and Chewie don’t stand a chance. Winner: The Defiant

Lastly, The Borg Cubes vs. Super Star Destroyer: This point comes from Doc, our friend, podcast producer, and Plainclothes Villain; The Borg Cubes used at Wolf 395 were 3 Kilometer cubes, that’s twice the size of a Super Star Destroyer. Add that with the Borg’s fire power and ability to assimilate whole planets with these cubes makes it a one sided fight.Winner: The Borg

Overall Winner: Draw


This is where Star Trek has an immediate advantage. The structure of the Federation allows for a balance of power throughout the galaxy, one that protects its own interests as well as their friends. If you look at the leaders each entity has, you will see that Trek has Wars beat here too.Picard is easily one of the greatest captains of anything ever. He is Starfleet trained, seasoned through battle, and tempered with age. Oh, and he kicks a lot of ass.

The Empire has two major leaders and ship loads of yes men. The Emperor is evil and old yet still powerful. He seems to be very in charge but often lets things slip beyond his grasp as he underestimates his own people and the enemy. Vader, his number 2 guy is constantly trying to overthrow him for his own selfish reasons. Riker never once tried to have his secret cadet(probably would have been Wil Wheaton) kill Picard. The Rebel Alliance more or less gets lucky. They barely have their act together and win battles based on cut throat intel(which I applaud) and luck. Most of their lucky breaks are due to the Empire not really having their act together either. All in all, I have to declare Star Trek the winner of this battle.

Overall Winner: Star TrekCubic Jigsaw Wikipedia.png

Remember kids, this is not a contest to see who is better, just who would win in a fight. I love both franchises though not equally. I think my bias is probably evident.

In the meantime, who would you like to see fight each other next week?


9 responses to “Geek Showdown: Star Trek vs. Star Wars

  1. Two Borg related things that would make them dangerous in a world where Star Wars and Star Trek collide. First would be when they assimilate a Jedi or Sith, what would happen to the hive mind… would this mean they would have a collective knowledge of the force and how to harness it? Second item, when they assimilate a Star Destroyer they would get all of those storm troopers plus knowledge of cloning. Endless supply of cloned Borg Troopers? Anyway just thought that should be mentioned.

  2. Regardless of which of the two can win a fight my loyalty is still dedicated to Star Wars. I can’t say I ever grew fond of Star Trek, even though my mother would often watch Deep Space Nine for hours on end, it had to be my father’s influence that drew me into the vast universe of George Lucas’ mind.
    However if J.J. Abrams continues to deploy amazing Star Trek movies, I might just have to change my mind…
    Love the meme BTW.

    • Thanks. I’m so torn with this one. I have a lot of friends in the 501st legion so I’m down with Star Wars and love it I just think, for the purpose of this article, Star Trek wins. I do have strong loyalties to both though.

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