Vehicular Snowmanslaughter?


Even though winter is almost over, I find it hard to look away at awesome snowmen and women. I am in the process now of putting together a gallery of awesome snow people, just like the one featured above. Where the PCSH blog is based, we didn’t really get any snow so, I plan to relish other people’s snowmen as if they were my own.

I am a sucker for snowmen and really anything that people build and make their own(such as sandcastles). I always have been. Some of my favorite ones weren’t real but were seen in the pages of Calvin and Hobbes. I really like them too. Nothing else catches the essence of childhood like that strip  even though, a lot of the strip’s content was very philosophical and adult, the glimmer of childhood still shines through even now.

Hey, I have an idea. You guys should send me pictures of your favorite snowmen too. I can post them in the gallery. Send all snowmen to I look forward to your submissions.

A personal favorite.

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