Moments in Forgotten History

In this episode of Moments in Forgotten History we relive the tragic destruction of a village in 1986. This unfortunate and senseless chaos was unleashed by Soviet forces. Many are unaware of the Soviet plots in the Middle East to gain control of their oil fields and sand. Russians love sandcastles. It is a well known fact. Dispute it if you want.Look it up.

To accomplish this, the leader of the KGB employed a series of covert operations to capture and then brainwash many American heroes and icons. See, Joseph McCarthy was right. In this plot, the Russians found an untapped and somewhat uncontrollable force in The Hulk. They made the attempt to capture and then brainwash Dr. Bruce Banner. In their efforts to control him, they were successful.

They were not however successful in brainwashing his alter ego, The Hulk. During this sand and oil raid, the Hulk, as he is prone to do, went into a rage spiral and instead of harvesting oil and sand, demolished many oil pumps,the entire village of workers, and at least two sand castles that we know of. In the haste of battle, the green monster was unstoppable. Many were hurt and killed. Many had their lives uprooted and all they had ever known was destroyed.

After the battle, the Hulk’s more human side came through and the destruction ceased. In the wake of this tragedy the Hulk paused and reflected on what he had done and felt the bitter remorse of tragedy. It was then that the Russians retreated and the Hulk soon fled. The damage had been done but a lesson had been learned. Soon Dr. Banner returned from his state of brainwash induced stupor and once again took up the mantle of hero.


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