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Academic Orchid

“Surrival of the fittest” a common phrase in evolutionary biology also noted as an alternative description of natural selection. This term was not coined by Darwin but by Herbert Spencer. No real evidence to whether this phrase is actually in effect. New Scientist states,

For starters, there is a lot more to evolution by natural selection than just the survival of the fittest. There must also be a population of replicating entities and variations between them that affect fitness – variation that must be heritable. By itself, survival of the fittest is a dead end. Business people are especially guilty of confusing survival of the fittest with evolution.

 When we think of fittest we immediately conjure evocative images of strong, aggressive animals like the lion. On the contrary the fittest animal could just be the best camouflaged or the most fecund. The new version of fittest could also extend to the most clever or…

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