Milo and Stormy’s Transmissions from Outer Space Ep2

In this episode of Milo and Stormy’s Transmissions from Outer Space, we talk everything from Doctor Who, The Avengers, all the way to Michael Bay and his work with the Transformers. We also discuss bad takes on Superman by JJ Abrams and Tim Burton. Unlike last time, Milo’s phone doesn’t ring at the end.

A large part of today’s show is dedicated to the atrocities that Michael Bay is committing with the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles… apparently they are now from outer space and, apparently people were really pissed. His advice, get out over it fans.

We give some time to discuss Moffat’s vision for the next season of Doctor Who as well as the new companion and what we think may happen with Amy and Rory. Also, we discuss Catherine Tate and the Western Carolina Literary Festival. Click here to download or push play to stream.

If you listen to the podcast and come to the part where we talk about the Avengers and Winnie the Pooh, follow this link to see what the hell we were talking about. We do love us some Winnie the Pooh and, as you will hear, we loved seeing Winnie, Piglet, Tigger, and the gang in Kingdom Hearts. That’s right… we talked about Kingdom Hearts… again.


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