Hello internet citizens!

We are the Plainclothes Super Heroes! Who are we? We are Stormy Rogers and Milo Alan, writers and former standup comics. This blog is a platform for our random musings, rants, raves, and miscellaneous thoughts. This blog is also the best place to find links to our blogs, blips, video channels, and podcasts.

From week to week we will feature videos, sites, and other material that makes us laugh, think, or grind our teeth with you, the citizens of the digital age. We will also upload and link our own content from our youtube channel and blip page. Below you will find a list of the shows we do and how to get them.

Plainclothes Superheroes Podcast of Justice: The PCSH podcast is a podcast that focuses on the randomness of the world today and is meant to be a serious, yet humorous as well. The podcast will feature guests contributors as well as news, editorials, and whatever else we feel like cramming into an hour. The PCSH podcast is recorded at the Carolina School of Broadcasting in a 1 hour show and is then divided into segments and edited for maximum enjoyment and brevity so you don’t OD on our show and have to be hospitalized. The PCSH Podcast of Justice is hosted by the team of Milo Alan and Stormy and is produced by M. Doc Geressy, plainclothes super-villain extraordinaire. The PCSH podcast also features plainclothes sidekicks Kyle and Billy as well as a slew of other guest contributors. You can find the podcast here and on Itunes.

PSCH Blog: The blog is what you are reading… now. The PSCH blog can be found here and is our hub for our other content. You will also find a ton of other stuff on our blog such as articles written by contributors that can only be found here and the occasional link to other cool stuff offered up by us or some of our friends.

More content is sure to pop up as this blog continues to grow and evolve to a point in which it will no longer need people to read it and contribute as it will have grown its own entries and will read itself but will ultimately be destroyed when it trolls its own comment section and destroys itself. In the event of that, the PSCH bloggers will climb into its husk and begin again.


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